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New Enhancements Make Prior Authorization and Notifications Easier

New enhancements make prior authorization and notifications easier


Two new enhancements within the Prior Authorization and Notification tool in the UnitedHealthcare Provider Portal allow you to easily cancel prior authorization and notification requests and save work.

• Cancel Case – You can submit a request to cancel most* prior authorization requests from within the Prior Authorization and Notification tool. No need to call. You simply need to cancel before a coverage determination is made.
*Does not apply to the following specialties: Radiology, cardiology, oncology, outpatient therapy, behavioral, specialty pharmacy and genetic/molecular testing.

• Save as Draft – Your prior authorization requests are now automatically saved and drafts are easily accessible from within the Prior Authorization and Notification tool. No need to complete the request in 1 sitting, worry about the system timing out or having to remember to save your work.
Want to know more about using these new portal features? Check out our Prior Authorization and Notification self-paced guide for more information.

For help using these tools or accessing the UnitedHealthcare Provider Portal, please contact UnitedHealthcare Web Support at providertechsupport@uhc.com or 866-842-3278, Option 1, 7 a.m.–9 p.m. CT, Monday–Friday.


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