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June 2018 UnitedHealthcare News

Link Online Self-Service Transactions Can Take Less Than a Minute.
Compare That to Your Last Phone Call.

We worked with an independent billing service last fall and encouraged them to cut the cord to see how much time they could save with our Link online self-service tools. They discovered that using claimsLink instead of the phone saved them 32 hours a month.*

How Much Time Could Your Organization Save?
With Link apps you can:

  • Complete most transactions in less than 1 minute.
  • Electronically document your work.
  • Automatically generate a confirmation number for each online submission.
  • Upload files, including images.

See how the Power of Self Service can help your organization increase productivity. Learn more here or sign up for free training on our website.
* Results from Link may not be the same for all people or businesses.

Week of October 15, 2018
United Healthcare Week for HBMA Members

Learn how to leverage self-service tools to streamline your staff workflows and increase their productivity.

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