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February 2019 UnitedHealthcare News


A Resolution You Can Keep: Increased Productivity 

It’s been said that most people give up on their New Year’s resolutions by the second week of February. If you resolved to do more work in less time this year, you’re in luck. Using Link can save you 5 ½ minutes per transaction vs. using the phone*.

Here's how Link tools can help: 

  • eligibilityLink: View detailed benefits, member cost share amounts, out-of-pocket maximums, coordination of benefits and health savings/reimbursement account information 
  • claimsLink: Submit corrected claims, reconsideration requests or appeals 
  • Prior Authorization and Notification: Determine if prior authorization is required and check the status of previous submissions 
  • Document Vault: Stop waiting for snail mail: access claim and notification/prior authorization letters the same day they are generated  
  • Paperless Delivery Options: Stop delivery of mail for letters in Document Vault 

Set up your account and learn more about Link 
Register on and request access to the Tax IDs you work for or attend a webinar tailored to revenue cycle management companies. Contact a RCM specialist at UnitedHealthcare at to get additional help or call the Connectivity Help Desk at 866-842-3278, option 1.

* Average call time was calculated from a UnitedHealthcare call study in June 2016 for pre-service and claims follow-up calls and does not include hold time. Average Link transaction times were determined based on user testing in February 2016.