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August UnitedHealthcare News: Speed Up Your Work with TrackIt

Speed up your work with TrackIt

If you’ve ever wondered where you are in the claims and prior authorization process, TrackIt can help provide greater clarity. TrackIt is a tool in the UnitedHealthcare Provider Portal that allows you to see the status and take action on your recent submissions. You can save valuable time and increase efficiency around common tasks. 
With TrackIt, you can get email notifications on activity and status updates, easily find out if there are documents you need to upload, and correct items that need attention. You’re able to precisely identify where things are in the review process and address items directly so you can get claims processed, and potentially paid faster.  
Visit UHCprovider.com/trackit

Not sure what’s holding things up? TrackIt can tell you.

You can access prior authorizations, pended claims, reconsiderations, appeals and smart edits updates all within the tool. The following features and labels offer detailed information on your status and what actions you may need to take: 

  • Ticket details  
  • Under review  
  • Recently closed  
  • Requires attention  
  • Decision overturned 

If you don’t have access to claims or prior authorization information in the UnitedHealthcare Provider Portal, you can go to your primary administrator and ask for access.  
It’s easy to get started  

  • Go to UHCprovider.com and click Sign In. Get started by ensuring your Payer ID and Provider information are set correctly using the dropdown menus. Then, select TrackIt from the top right corner of your screen.
  • To learn how to use TrackIt and more about how it can help you track your work, check out our self-paced user guide and/or register for a live training

Download the flyer.

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