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June 2018 Optum News

No cost claim submission to all payers
Optum supports and believes in administrative simplification. The first step in achieving simplification is to increase the use of provider-received and submitted HIPAA standard transactions. To that end, Optum is offering no-cost claim submissions to all payers to reduce health care administrative costs and facilitate streamlined payer-provider collaboration. Visit our website for more information.

Access to HBMA’s Find a Biller and Medical Billing Education through the Link Marketplace
HBMA’s Find a Biller and Medical Billing Education is now available through the Link Marketplace, in addition to HBMA’s web site. Access the HBMA application tiles through the Link Marketplace by logging into Link here with your Optum ID, selecting the Link Marketplace and then selecting the preferred HBMA application tile. Find out how your organization can be featured on the Link Marketplace.

Link: Your gateway to UnitedHealthcare online tools
With Link, access the administrative self-service tools you need, without jumping between websites or picking up the phone. Obtain member eligibility, benefits and claims information quickly and easily from a single, secure online location. For more information, click here to register for an Optum ID and access Link, your gateway to UnitedHealthcare online tools.

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