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September 2019 Humana News: Learn More about Humana’s Approach to Code Editing

Learn More about Humana’s Approach to Code Editing


Code editing claims is a complex process that involves evaluating information submitted on a claim, along with other information specific to the patient and care provider. Humana offers an on-demand presentation about code editing for claims for patients with Humana Medicare Advantage, commercial and Medicaid plans.  

The presentation, titled “Humana’s Approach to Code Editing,” gives a high-level overview of Humana’s code-editing processes. Viewers will gain a better understanding of the various ways in which code editing is applied, what is considered and how policies are established. 

The “Making It Easier for Physicians and Other Healthcare Providers” series is a library of audiovisual presentations about Humana’s claims payment policies and processes. The series’ goals are to provide information that can make it easier for you and your organization to navigate Humana’s policies and processes and improve your overall business experience with Humana. Each feature consists of an on-demand presentation addressing a specific topic, with a downloadable tip sheet. Find out more at Humana.com/MakingItEasier.

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