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May 2019 Humana News: Access and Interpret your Explanation of Remittance (EOR)

Understand how to access and interpret your explanation of remittance (EOR).

Humana’s “Making It Easier for Physicians and Other Healthcare Providers” series, an online library of on-demand audiovisual presentations about Humana’s claims payment policies and processes, now offers a presentation called “Understanding an Explanation of Remittance (EOR).” This presentation contains helpful information about the EOR, which is how Humana communicates the actions taken on claims for patients with Humana Medicare Advantage, commercial and Medicaid plans, including the reasons why a claim was processed in a specific manner. 

View this presentation to find out more about EORs, explanation codes and Humana’s method for overpayment recoveries for claims that were paid in error. You also will learn about Humana’s online remittance inquiry tool and other resources for working with Humana online. 

Access the presentation, and many more, at Humana.com/MakingItEasier. Each feature in the series consists of an on-demand presentation addressing a specific topic, with a downloadable tip sheet.  

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