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December 2019 Humana News: Understand the Impact of Maximum Unit Values

Following maximum unit limitations helps Humana ensure accurate reimbursement by preventing payment for services or items that may not be clinically appropriate or that may have been billed by mistake. Simply, a maximum unit value is the maximum number of times a service can be allowed for the same patient. To stay within these limits, Humana has assigned a maximum number of units to certain CPT and HCPCS codes.

To find out more about Humana’s maximum unit limitations for patients with Medicare Advantage, commercial and Medicaid plans, check out Humana’s online presentation titled “Humana’s Maximum Unit Values.” A detailed, printable tip sheet attached to the presentation provides billing best practices and key resources that can simplify your claim submission process.  

Access the “Humana’s Maximum Unit Values” presentation, and many more, at Humana.com/MakingItEasier. “Making It Easier for Physicians and Other Healthcare Providers” is a series of educational presentations about Humana’s claims payment policies and processes. Each feature in the series consists of an on-demand presentation addressing a specific topic, with its own downloadable tip sheet. New topics are added to the site as information becomes available, so be sure to check it regularly to see the latest training and resources. 

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