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HBMA Compliance Accreditation Program

Healthcare Business Management Association Introduces the HBMA Compliance Accreditation Program for Revenue Cycle Management Companies


Healthcare Business Management Association (HBMA) has developed the HBMA Compliance Accreditation Program for revenue cycle management (RCM) companies, medical practice management organizations and healthcare software vendors. This program establishes standards to help safeguard patients’ protected health information (PHI) by complying with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) and ensure compliance with Office of Inspector General (OIG) standards."It is imperative we monitor and protect patients, providers, and valuable healthcare resources from fraudulent activity The HBMA Compliance Accreditation Program will allow the general public to know that their healthcare provider and business associates are protecting them and their personal information from fraud and abuse" - HBMA Past President, Ginger Ryder


The Accreditation and Management program will include a thorough review and evaluation of each individual organization's implementation and adherence to HIPAA (including all aspects of the Privacy and Security Rules, HITECH, and Omnibus) and OIG compliance standards (FWA, Stark, Anti-kickback, and the OIG work-plan). In signing up for the program, you will receive numerous additional benefits including a knowledgeable program liaison to help you through the process, as well as a free individual certification for a member of your staff. Premier Accreditation can also be achieved and maintained through the inclusion of initial and ongoing on-site audits and assessments.

Once accredited, the program will provide the resources and management to maintain the organization’s compliance program, ensuring that the member organization stays in compliance and has all of the necessary elements and documentation to achieve ongoing recertification.

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Key Elements

Key elements to be assessed and managed include:

  • Policy and Procedure: Development, Review and Updates
  • Employee Training: Initial and Ongoing
  • Security Risk Analysis: Organizational, Physical, and Technical Safeguards
  • Documentation: Storage and Reporting of Disciplinary and Corrective Actions
  • OIG Exclusion List Monitoring: Employees and Vendors
  • Breach Determination: Evaluation and Corrective Action Plans
  • Business Associate/Vendor Tracking: Agreements and Contracts
  • Compliance Committee: Meetings, Reporting, and Documentation
  • Disaster and Emergency Operations: Development, Implementation, and Training
  • Internal Monitoring and Assessments: Communication and Reporting


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