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Five Ways Social Media Provides Value to
HBMA Members

Successful organizations across the healthcare industry are turning to social media marketing to achieve their promotional and business objectives, but for HBMA it goes beyond simply extending our visibility. Our mission has always been to further the efforts of medical billing companies through education, advocacy, and collaboration, and we are leveraging the strengths of the most prominent social media outlets to further all three phases of that mission.

Below are the top five ways HBMA is participating in social media to enhance value for our members:

  1. Staying friendly on Facebook – Through Facebook, HBMA invites members to join in on the conversation by sharing updates, photos, videos, and more. Like us today at
  2. Trending on Twitter – On Twitter, we are sparking conversations with the most connected names in healthcare and the revenue cycle. Follow and retweet our informative Twitter feed at @HBMABilling.
  3. Networking on LinkedIn – The next best thing to face-to-face schmoozing at an HBMA conference is the vast opportunity to build your professional network via LinkedIn. Create your own profile, then interact with more than 8,000 members on the HBMA LinkedIn group at
  4. Going viral on YouTube – Our own HBMA YouTube channel highlights informative, fun, and educational videos directed to professional billers. Start browsing the latest flicks today at
  5. Blogosphere benefits – From guest contributions on the Physicians Practice blog to writing for HBMA's own member-driven blog, HBMA bloggers share their perspectives on the hottest trends, legislative updates, and educational opportunities. Gain notoriety and contribute to the discussion by submitting a relevant blog post to

HBMA is constantly looking for ways to leverage the most relevant social media outlets to educate, advocate, and collaborate with our members. We invite all of our member organizations to follow and interact with healthcare's most connected stakeholders through Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, and HBMA blogs.



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