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July - August 2015 •
Volume 20, Issue 4

Change Ahead? HBMA is Here to Help
President's Message
By Curt Cvikota, CHBME
Are you ready for change? Like it or not, we are facing unprecedented industry change this year and in years to come. ICD-10, alternative payment models, and health insurance exchanges are just a few. Click for more

Sneak Peek at the Fall Annual Conference
Conference Preview
By Billing Editors
Get ready for the HBMA Fall Annual Conference! Held in Las Vegas, Nevada, on September 10 – 12, the Fall Conference will feature a variety of educational sessions on the topics that matter most to you. Read on to hear from two speakers on what their sessions entail for you. Then visit to learn more and register for the 2015 Fall Annual Conference. Click for more

HBMA Members Sound Off on Hot Topics
By Billing Editors
Topic: ICD-10 is around the corner, so we want to know: What are the most helpful tools or processes you've used to prepare your clients for ICD-10? Click for more

Boost Your Business with Benchmarking
Know These Data-Driven Best Practices
By Amber Civitarese and Stacie Bon
Whether you are the owner of a revenue cycle management (RCM) company or you are responsible for managing specific aspects of the business, it is important to know the answer to the following question: How do you compare? Click for more

How to Navigate Health Exchanges
Maximize Reimbursements As the Exchanges Roll Out
By Steve Selbst, Susan Charkin, and Regina Vasquez
In October 2013, the national health insurance exchanges launched – creating a significant change for medical practices. Many practices were left wondering how to navigate these exchanges to maximize reimbursements. Click for more

The Changing Tide of Value-Based Payments
How Will They Impact Billing Companies?
By Jim Sholeff
On April 15, 2015, President Obama signed a bill into law that finally fixed the dreaded sustainable growth rate (SGR) formula. For years, Congress had been postponing an overhaul of the SGR. Many were surprised that a bipartisan "doc fix" solution appeared at the last minute this year to save the day. Click for more

Step Up Your Intelligence Game
Dashboards Help You Take Data – And Your Company – To the Next Level
By Chris Cotton
We've all heard the saying "You can't manage what you don't measure." While this isn't a new idea, it is increasingly becoming more important in our marketplace. Click for more

Risk Assessment
Why You Need it and How to Get Started
By Michelle Ann Richards, CPC, CPCO, CPMA, CPPM
I scrub government websites daily for compliance updates and it amazes me how every year hundreds of providers are arrested for defrauding the government out of millions of dollars. Click for more

How to Identify Who Sent Your Healthcare EFT Payment
Start with Your Financial Institution
By Priscilla Holland
Healthcare providers interested in cost savings and other benefits are converting to electronic payments at a steady clip. In 2014, the ACH Network moved more than 149 million healthcare electronic funds transfers (EFTs), transferring about $876.6 billion in claim payments from health plans to providers. Click for more

Develop an ICD-10 Dual Coding Initiative Oversight Plan
By Valerie Fernandez, MBA, CPC, CPC-H, AHIMA ICD-10 Trainer
As we prepare for the implementation of ICD-10 on October 1, 2015, many practices have initiated training programs for their physicians, clinical administrators, and ancillary staff. This can be accomplished in many ways based on the availability of funds for the ICD-10 transition. Click for more

Joint Aspiration and Injection
Coding Corner
By Jackie Miller, RHIA, CCS-P, CPC
In this month's Coding Corner we'll discuss the guidelines for coding two common types of office procedures, joint aspiration and joint injection. Click for more

Handling Excel's "IFERROR"
By Nate Moore, CPA, MBA, CMPE
If you've ever presented a spreadsheet that you thought was perfect but were surprised with a "#DIV/0!" error or an "#N/A" error message like the spreadsheet in Figure 1, this article is for you. Excel has an "IFERROR" function that can automatically replace error messages with a message of your choice. Click for more

Effectively Selling to Hospitals
From the Road
By Dave Jakielo, CHBME
I'm sure that just about every medical billing company has experienced some customer attrition due to either practices merging or acquisitions of practices by the local hospital. Our marketplace has changed for the foreseeable future and there will be fewer and fewer small, independent practices. Click for more

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