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Payor Contract Language: As Important as Your Rates

This session covers not only the fine print in the payer contract reimbursement exhibit, but also lists over 20 provisions that you should look for in your agreements. We’ll touch upon some analysis of new reimbursement rates. More detailed discussion will focus on some of the deal breaker provisions such as: timely filing, timely payment, retro-eligibility denials, offsets, amendments, and more. Receive proposed changes for you to send to the payers in your redline. Penny has spent decades on both sides of the negotiating table and brings to the session perspective on why language is written as it is and what you can do to protect your practice’s interests in the negotiation process.
  • identify the contract provisions and reimbursement rate descriptions in your clients’ payer and network agreements that make a good or a poor agreement
  • determine your payer contract deal-breakers
  • Make use of the alternative language that protects your client practices
  • think like those on the other side of the negotiation table by having an understanding of the payer side of the industry and knowing why the contracts are written the way they are
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