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Building Your Billing Business


Speaker: Viggo Madsen

Competition is fierce for billing services. Learn how to grow your billing business by differentiating your services and building lasting value for your clients.

This Presentation will cover the following:

  • Understanding your Business (You have more to offer prospects than you realize!)
  • Conceptual Selling (Match your differentiators with key client needs.)
  • Analysis (Uncover what your prospects really need.)
  • Establishing an R.O.I. (Why doctors should buy from you!)
  • Know your Market (Solution selling vs. selling a service.) Understand if you are running a billing business or a billing service-there is a difference!
  1. What questions should I ask to find out if an office is interested in using a billing service?
  2. How do I find out what offices are looking for a billing service?
  3. How do I show R.O.I. and prove that it is worth using my billing services?

Included is a copy of a diagnosis form to help medical office personnel understand why they need a billing service.

Member Price: $199.00
Non-Member Price: $249.00