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Presented by Mallary Tytel

Adaptive Action: Influencing our Complex Work Environments

Description: You live and work in a dynamic world made up of complex systems. These systems – work, family, community – are constantly changing and becoming more and more challenging. Now think about the nature of your responsibilities: to work competently and effectively with clients, patients and staff in a fair, balanced, and collaborative manner. In addition, there is the responsibility of managing your own professional learning and development.

One model for bringing all these elements together in a coherent process is the Adaptive-Action Cycle. It has emerged from the field of human systems dynamics and been used to facilitate learning, growth and change in a wide range of environments. It supports you in working toward a common, clearly articulated goal; forces you to look at the system in which you are working; and identifies actions you can take immediately to address issues.

The methodology of the Adaptive Action Cycle consists of three straightforward questions you can ask yourselves:

  • What? See and identify what is going on around you.
  • So What? Analyze system-wide patterns of interaction and behavior.
  • Now What? Identify what works and feed that information back into the system.

These questions and their thoughtful responses inform decision making and action by capturing good information about patterns and behaviors in your systems and allowing you to think about addressing issues in a different way. The questions provide a framework for action that is sensitive to your particular environment; help you respond with flexibility; engage individuals and groups in ongoing focused activity; and enable application of a shared process. Adaptive action is an iterative process to plan for and bring about change. It allows for ongoing feedback as each cycle is completed — evaluating success and setting the next target.

This presentation will provide a valuable tool and method for individuals and teams to understand the dynamics and patterns operating in their work environments; develop strategies for influencing those patterns and behaviors; and participate in an ongoing process of professional growth and development.

ObjectivesBy the end of this session participants will be able to:

  • Describe the nature of complex systems
  • Identify patterns of behavior in their work environment
  • Capture individual professional and development data points
  • Create adaptive strategies for performance management, learning and development as an ongoing process
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