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Technology Update: Protecting Your Information technology - Security, Encryption & Back-Up Issues

SPEAKER: Randy Johnston, Executive VP, Network Management Group, Inc.

The HITECH act has clarified what needs to be done to protect information for many industries including Healthcare. Can you really afford to take chances with your most valuable asset - your organization's data and client information? Information security is no longer optional - it is the law! To perform our fiduciary duties for our IT systems, we need to consider security proper breach reporting, encryption, passwords, backup, and other aspects of computer systems. This session covers tools for securing emails, encrypting hard disks and flash drives, protecting data on mobile phones and other portable devices, securing documents, protecting desktops and servers, securing text messaging, and more. "As long as you have your data, we can recover everything else." How many times have you or your organization gone to your backup only to find it bad or missing? Discover new alternatives for keeping your data safe, such as backup appliances with complete virtualization capability; internet-based backups; continuous data protection; and alternate backup media. Learn how to protect confidential data, reduce your legal risks and understand better ways to backup your data by participating in this session.

Learner objectives

  • Describe what it takes to secure information and comply with the HITECH act
  • Learn how to minimize risk with encryption as well as the costs of breach reporting
  • Identify possible security vulnerabilities for your business
  • Discover alternatives for backup that do a better job of protecting your organization
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