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Better Communication, Better Engagement


"How to Silence the 'Devil on Your Shoulder' in the Faceless World of Virtual Communication"

Speaker: Sandra A. Shelton, BA, MEd, CTACC

Communication, one-time or repeated, becomes and remains the business relationship and ultimately the company branding.  Taming that pesky perception thing when it comes to e-communication means rethinking how email, voice mail, and business writing affect our work lives internally and externally.  How we communicate is how we relate all day long: engaged-and-ready-to-serve or disengaged-and-frustrated-to-minimal-performance.  At minimal performance, the “Devil on your shoulder” says such unhappy service blasphemies as:
-  “‘show-up-and-go-through-the-motions’ is good enough,”
-  “… anyone else would have been frustrated, too.”
-  “After all, you aren’t as bad as _________________.”
-   “Hang on; you are almost to retirement.”
-   “You are right; they are wrong. Get ‘em!” 

Low workplace engagement rests with the disengaged-and-frustrated-to-minimal-performers or underperformers. High engagement accompanies the engaged-and-ready-to-serve or peak performers. 

Learning Objectives:
1.  Reword emails to improve the impact of e-communication in everything the organization touches.
2.  Produce sample e-communication that has a positive “face.”
3.  Demonstrate communication that generates greater trust with co-workers by better-focused communication, that is, task or people focused, in the right order.
4.  Communicate more positively by identifying negative feelings to counteract them with facts for positive thoughts.
5.  Prevent negative conflict by the ability to explain what happened and improve the next conflict to be a chance for something better
6. Turn misunderstood emails and any communication into positive ones.

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