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Recording: HIPAA: Let’s Take a Second Look


Greg Margrett, Director of Implementation Experian Health/Passport and President, HIPAA Collaborative of Wisconsin (COW)

We are all familiar with the basics of HIPAA. We offer our employees yearly training sessions, follow the Privacy and Security rules to keep Protected Health Information (PHI) safe, and we have all seen the consequences in the news for organizations that have had breaches. But are we really doing all that we can to keep HIPAA information “private” and “secure?” What do those terms really mean, anyways? Join Greg Margrett as he discusses some of the things that you may not realize about HIPAA, as well as some specific instances of breaches including their causes and implications, both for the Covered Entity as well as the patients. Included in the discussion will be a variety of free resources available to assist Covered Entities and their Business Associates in attaining compliance, as well as gentle reminders of what not to do taken from some real-life scenarios.

Learning Objectives - At the end of this session, participants will be able to:
• Understand the basics of the HIPAA Privacy and Security regulations
• Understand the consequences of breaches from both regulatory and financial standpoints
• Determine the steps necessary to mitigate HIPAA liability as much as possible
• Determine resources available to assist with moving towards compliance
• Take back items learned from the session for immediate implementation in their offices

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