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The Young & Restless: How Millennials Can Grow Your Business


Seena Sharp, Principal, Sharp Market Intelligence

Are you missing out on the biggest opportunity in the US? It’s Millennials. Most people over 40 years view Millennials (19 – 35 years old) as annoying, lazy, entitled, or… fill in your own negative adjective. Be prepared to be surprised, really surprised, about who they are and how they will help grow your business. They’re your customers, vendors, employees AND influencers. They cannot be ignored. You’ll laugh and roll your eyes when you learn some of their 20+ characteristics. The bonus is that you’ll make smarter decisions – right from the get-go.


In 2015, Millennials will account for more workers than any other segment. Just as the Boomers were totally different from previous generations, so is GenY. And just like the Boomers, they are changing our thinking and every aspect of business and society. You can’t afford to not know who they are. Yes, those so-called slackers who "roll into work on skateboards with their earbuds” can seem annoying, but there’s so much more!

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