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RECORDING: What Providers Need to Have Accomplished Before They Begin ICD-10 Testing

Description: This session will focus on identifying processes that should be completed prior to conducting ICD-10 testing.  Hardware and software requirements to conduct testing as well as support staff needed for testing will be reviewed.  ICD-10 project plan analysis of activities and the best approach to resolve outstanding issues prohibiting or limiting ICD-10 testing at this time will be considered.  

  • Business and clinical process review and the ICD-10 transition process?
  • Identify the specific activities that need to be completed to conduct testing
  • System requirements for testing
  • Payer, Provider, Vendor and Clearinghouse readiness to test
  • What will payers need to test with you?
  • Payer test plans and approaches – types of testing
  • Summarize recommended objectives to complete prior to engaging ICD-10 testing
  • Identify types of accelerators/tools to assist and support testing activities
  • Discuss testing impacts on staff and services
  • High level ICD-10 compliance and risk mitigation
  • Transition readiness to ICD-10 compliance

Speaker: Mary Hyland
Presenter’s Company: SSI Group Inc,
Date of webinar: Wednesday February 19, 2014 at 1:00pm ET

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