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Updates on the HITECH Act


Speakers: James Wieland, Esq. and Holly Louie, RN, CHBME, PCS

Are you ready...?

1.  Has your workforce been educated on the new federal reporting requirements for breaches of unsecured PHI, which are scheduled to be effective not later than mid-September 2009, i.e. within less than 3 months?

2.  Do you have a procedure in place to track unsecured protected health information about your clients patients, in paper and electronic form, and report any breach of the security of that data to your client?

3.  Have you ensured that your company's handling and destruction of PHI in paper and electronic form is, to the extent possible, consistent with the April 2009 HITECH Act guidance defining "unsecured" information.

4.  Have you started a formal risk assessment and documented policies for the security of ePHI, to the same standards required of a health care provider under HIPAA, in order to be compliant by the deadline of February 2010?  This includes a formal risk assessment, developing written policies and procedures, training your workforce and appointing a security officer.

5.  Have you assessed the capability of your data systems to track and retain for 3 years all disclosures of your clients' PHI for treatment, payment and health care operations purposes?  While this requirement is not likely to apply until, at the earliest, January 2011, the impact on your data systems is likely to be huge.

6.  Have you considered your obligations under the new, HITECH Act "minimum necessary" interim rules to use a limited data set, as defined for HIPAA, to the extent practicable and to document your need to use more data if, as is likely the case for billing companies, a limited data set is not enough.  Some say the HITECH Act requires this now, although it will certainly be effective not later than February 2010.

7.  Have you considered how, effective February 2010, you will be able to block submission of service information to payers, if requested by your client, for self-pay services?

8.  Have you considered the impact of the HITECH Act on your costs of doing business?

9.  Have you considered what changes will need to be made in your services agreements and in your business associate agreements to properly document (and allocate!) the new responsibilities imposed by the HITECH Act on you and on your clients? 

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