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Maximizing Your Power by Improving Your Public Speaking and Presentation Skills


Speaker: Lori E. Miller, Owner of Developing Professionals

Do you train, facilitate or present for an audience? In this engaging session, learn the elements of a successful presentation and how to connect with an audience every time group communication occurs.

This session will help participants overcome challenges, explore elements for a successful delivery and provide a five-minute approach for developing a presentation that will reduce amount of time spent on preparation while improving effectiveness to inspire an audience.

Several handouts are provided including a template for developing a speech and a 25-point checklist for giving effective presentation.


  • How to present more effectively and with confidence by learning and following an effective format.
  • Effective facilitation techniques to engage an audience and ensure learning and comprehension of material.
  • About the verbal and non-verbal components of public speaking and how to engage and inspire your audience.
  • The importance of delivery and various ways to deliver a message to improve effectiveness and impact.
Member Price: $199.00
Non-Member Price: $249.00