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Disasters-Planning & Recovery

This program is centered on a topic that no one really likes to think about but we are all affected by it - Disasters.  Whether they are natural or man-made, it seems like there are more and more reports of disasters affecting people across the globe.

Our presenter, Cindy Pittmon has suffered through her share of disaster challenges and will share what she learned in the process.  As a team, you can prepare yourselves, in many ways, if you understand from someone who has been through the challenge learned what worked - and, in turn, what did not.  Share this 60-minute presentation with your staff to better understand how we can all become better prepared for the Disasters that await us.

Materials include a pre/post review of the material as well as a worksheet for you and your team to use as you target your own special needs to be prepared for a disaster, whether it be man-made or Mother Nature delivered.

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