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Collections - Improve Time Management & Success Rate

CHBME Certification
1.0 CHBME Credit available!

Everyone's job is requiring them to do more --- faster, more effectively, and under budget. Though many people can use a tape measure, a saw, and a hammer, the real challenge is how to use them effectively to build a house. We all have numerous organizational tools; paper planners, sticky notes, smart phones, innumerable software programs.

During this session you will learn the KEY TIME MANAGEMENT HABITS we all have but don't effectively do. Regardless of the tools you have, you'll learn to effectively and efficiently use them. You'll learn to stop wasting time looking for paper or electronic files. You'll learn to do what successful people always do when managing all their responsibilities, duties, to-do's, and tasks.

  • Handle the sheer volume of all the things you have to do.
  • Maintain a high level of focus throughout a crazy, interruption-driven day.
  • Better use MS Outlook (or any other common time management tool) to manage your collection of responsibilities.
  • Confidently follow up on tasks and appointments without missing a beat.
  • Retrieve any paper or electronic information "instantly" - and it's NOT in the piles on your desk or scattered throughout your work space.
  • Learn the primary use of any calendar, task/to-do list, or contact function.
  • Effectively plan your activities, document information and maintain contacts while earning the "right to forget" while FINDING IT ALL INSTANTLY.

SPEAKER: Eddie Williams, is a Professional Speaker, Trainer, Facilitator, and Subject Matter Expert has about 12 years experience in course design & development, conducting presentations and facilitating large/small groups on such topics as; time management, leadership, personal organization, stress management, conflict management, team building, self esteem and others.

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