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Becoming the Trusted Advisor

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Learning Objectives:
  • Review the concept, strategy, and objectives of becoming an eHR trusted advisor
  • Create for members and review a readiness assessment questionnaire
    • Leadership assessment
    • Team assessment
    • Computer Skills assessment
  • Components of an eHR
    • Similarities between eHR’s
  • CCHIT Similarities, MU Similarities, Similar tools:
    Surescripts, SnoMed, etc.
  • Types of eHR’s from Ron’s existing presentation
    • What makes an eHR unique
  • Content
  • Implementation Strategies
  • Support
  • Prepare your Practice for Change
    • Checklist or PP presentation for members to use to prepare their clients for the transformation
    • Use a case study to introduce changes occurring within a practice
    • Checklist for overcoming resistance
  • Training and Implementation Geared Toward Meaningful Use
  • determining the Practice Technical Requirements
    • Network assessments
    • Compilation of Inventory
    • Assess needs for new equipment
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Non-Member Price: $199.00
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