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Technical Corrections to Physician Fee Schedule

Technical Corrections to Physician Fee Schedule

Date: 4/3/2001

News: The March 27 edition of the Federal Register contains corrections in reference to the Medicare physician fee schedule for calendar year (CR)
2001. The notice corrects "technical errors that appeared in the final rule with comment period published in the Federal Register on November 1, 2000."

The corrections included in the March 27 notice are considered effective as if they had been included in the document published on November 1,
2000 and effective on January 1, 2001. We would highly encourage you to visit: via the Internet to obtain a copy of the numerous corrections, which include relative work units (RVUs) for CPTs. Scroll down to Health Care
Financing Administration and select, "Medicare: Physician fee schedule (2001 CY); payment policies and relative value unit adjustments;
correction." Please contact us with questions or comments. In addition, you may wish to contact Diane Milstead at the Health Care Financing Administration (HCFA) at 410/786-3355.

Source: Debra Havens/Matt Williams