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Special Thanks to HBMA Volunteers Contributing to CMS Comments


At the heart of any robust non-profit organization are the volunteers that serve the organization so generously giving of their time and talent to contribute to the success of the organization.  At HBMA, we have MANY outstanding volunteers that have allowed the organization to carry out the mission of HBMA.

"HBMA is committed to advancing the healthcare billing and management industry through advocacy and by providing education, information and other valuable resources to its members while promoting high ethical and professional standards."

 With over a dozen standing committees, many sub-committees, several task forces and 180 committee volunteers, we are a robust engine making a difference in the industry.

Just this year, HBMA has had a strong presence on the advocacy front and we would like to take this opportunity to give special thanks to all of contributors that participated in helping HBMA prepare comments that were distributed to CMS on behalf of the members of HBMA.  Your membership is working for you and more importantly, your members are working for you.   If you know one of the people listed below, remember to give them thanks next time you see them at a conference or attend a conference call.  

THANK YOU to all of our volunteers who participate so generously with your time.

EFT/RA Comments to CMS

Randy Roat
Jerry Killough
Randy Brittingham
Holly Louie

60 Day repayment comments CMS

Holly Louie
Bob Burleigh
Karen Collier
John Outlaw
Sue Irwin
Paul Kim

EHR Meaningful Use Stage II to CMS

Patrick Lukacs
Joe Schendel
Clay Fast
Mary Ellen Duffy

CMS Focus Group (Medicare Contractor Provider Satisfaction Survey)

Bob Burleigh
Karen Olson
Karen Collier
Rich Papperman
Jim Trotter
Joanne Koch
Emily Osetek
Ginger Ryder
Roxanne Smith Kovak

ICD-10 Comments to CMS

Holly Louie, Chair, HBMA ICD-10 Committee
Bob Burleigh
Melody Mulaik (Coding Strategies)
Doug Bilbrey (SSI Group)
Jerry Killough (Clinix)
Randy Brittingham (CPU)

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