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Senate Finance Committee Member Meeting


Date: 10/4/2000
News: The Members of the Senate Finance Committee met this morning to discuss the draft bill as presented by Finance Committee Chairman Bill Roth (R-DE). We have heard that while there was considerable discussion about the process through which this proposal came into being, there was far less discussion about the substance. Some Members complained about what was not in the bill (i.e. prescription drugs) while others complained about what was in the bill (expansion of preventive services and other non-BBA relief issues).

Staff have said that in general the Senators have agreed to the proposal. There will be no markup of the bill in Committee. This afternoon discussions between the staff with the House began to “conference” or reconcile the differences in the bills. The final package of BBA related fixes will then be folded into another piece of legislation.

We will keep you informed of the latest developments on this issue. In the meantime, please contact us with questions or comments.

Source: Debra Hardy Havens and Matt Williams