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Reminder: CAQH CORE National Webinar Today





Streamlining Collections and Reducing Costs Using CAQH CORE 360 Rule: A Provider's Experience

Thursday, January 22, 2014

2:00 PM - 3:00 PM ET


There is no fee to attend.


The benefits of the CAQH CORE 360: Uniform Use of CARCs and RARCs Rule for all industry entities, especially for providers, are enormous. Emory Healthcare, the largest health system in Georgia, will share its experience in implementing the CAQH CORE 360 Rule and the improvements it is seeing in its denial management and collections processes, which is leading to increased efficiency and cost savings for the organization as a whole. Emory Healthcare will walk us through its implementation of the Rule and offer lessons learned to help other organizations achieve the same success it has enjoyed over the last year.

In this webinar

  • Hear about Emory Healthcare's approach to implementation of the CARCs and RARCs Rule, including:
    • Considerations and challenges;
    • Developing a Code Combination maintenance process;
    • Realizing the benefits of implementation.
  • Learn about best practices from Emory Healthcare and how you can increase efficiency and cost savings for your organization as well.
  • Receive information about the latest CORE-required Code Combinations available since October 1, 2014.
  • Get information on the 2014 Market Based Review launched on 11/26/14 and how you can submit your response to the 2014 Market-based Review Adjustments Form by 5 pm ET on 01/26/15.
  • Find out about the free implementation resources provided by CAQH CORE.
  • Participate in Q&A with Emory Healthcare and CAQH CORE.


Note: A working knowledge of Federally Mandated CAQH CORE EFT & ERA Operating Rules is assumed.


Who Should Attend

This webinar will be highly valuable for all providers and provider vendors. In addition, all HIPAA-covered entities that are currently in compliance or working toward compliance with the EFT & ERA operating rules and those that want to ensure they are fully benefiting from the CARCs and RARCs Rule will also find this webinar helpful and are encouraged to attend.


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About Emory Healthcare

Since 1905 Emory Healthcare has been at the forefront of medicine, putting research into lifesaving action. With over 15,400 employees, Emory Healthcare is the largest and most comprehensive health system in Georgia. Within Emory Healthcare, The Emory Clinic is a primary port of access to adult patients. The Emory Clinic has more than 1,280 specialists, sub-specialists and primary care physicians who care for patients at one of our many clinics, hospitals, & affiliates throughout the Atlanta area. High quality health care provided in a safe, patient-and-family centered environment is the foundation of The Emory Clinic's mission. To find out more information about Emory Healthcare and/or The Emory Clinic - please visit: or  


CAQH CORE is a national multi-stakeholder initiative that streamlines electronic healthcare administrative data exchange and improves health plan-provider interoperability through an integrated model of operating rule development, adoption and maintenance. CAQH CORE has been designated by the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) as an author for ACA-mandated operating rules. To learn more about CAQH CORE, visit

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