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NEW! Social Sharing tools on HBMA.ORG!


Recently we've added new tools to make it easier to share HBMA news and events with friends and contacts on social media websites - check out our 'social sharing' tools on the right side of all HBMA news and events pages. 

If you wish to share an article you are reading on the HBMA website, look on the right side of the page and you will see tools to 'share' that article via facebook, twitter, linked in, email, printing, and many other social media websites. You will be required to log into those sites in order to share the article on your account.

NOTE: If you have a personal account AND a company account on facebook (for instance) you may want to post an article on one or the other so choose your account before 'sharing'.

Spread the 'HBMA word' with us and help promote your association by sharing news and events!

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