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HBMA Members Sound Off Topic: How HBMA Has Benefited You!


In the January/February issue of HBMA Billing, members were asked to 'Sound Off' on how being a member of HBMA has benefited them.  Here are their responses!

img_megaphone_1Being a member since 2003 tells the whole story. By partnering with HBMA and with their education and guidance, I have been able to grow a strong and compliant billing company. I look forward to many years of continued success with HBMA on my side!

– Emily M. Osetek, CHBME, President,
Sourcenet Medical Billing Associates, LLC

HBMA is a great gift to myself and my business in so many ways! Resources, networking, support and education provided are so extremely valuable and relevant to me.

– Nancy Fahrenkrug, CAC, President, TransMedic

Simply put, my business would not be where it is today without HBMA. My personal knowledge of the healthcare Industry is reliant upon the HBMA education that the association provides.

–Greg Wehrman, Owner/Manager,
Wehrman Healthcare Management Solutions LLC

Our first educational experience was the 1997 Boston version of the Bob and Dave Brother Love Traveling Salvation Show. We would not still be in existence without HBMA.

Rob Levin, CEO, Medical Revenue Associates, Inc.

HBMA has helped me understand where both my company and myself stand within our industry. It has given us perspective and helped me to learn where the strengths and weaknesses are and has given me the educational opportunities to improve them. Thank you HBMA and congratulations on 20 years!

– Mick Polo, NCDS Medical Billing

I went from being a data entry clerk to actually the manager, and now I've branched off to the IT department. A lot of that was due to HBMA and the knowledge that it brought me.

– Pam Marshall, Northern Colorado Professional Services, LLC

HBMA has been my primary educational source to this industry for the past 20 years. I have committed a great deal of my personal time and efforts to HBMA as a board member on and off for ten years, committee chair positions, and a multitude of committee roles because I believe in the greater good of what HBMA provides to the membership and the industry.

– Andrew Kokosa, Medi-Data Service, Ltd., Naperville, IL
(charter member - September 1992)

I am a founding member of HBMA and my initial vision for this organization has come full circle. I wanted to be part of a respected industry that would help to educate and mentor ethical entrepreneurs in this business space. I believe that we have become "power partners" working hard toward the goal.

– Kathy Canny, CHBME, Director of Regulatory and Industry Affairs
AdvantEdge Healthcare Solutions

I couldn't have built my company the way I have over these past 19 years, had it not been for HBMA.

– Elizabeth Menduke, CHBME, Primary Billing Service, Inc.

Research provided by HBMA has saved me valuable hours that I would have spent creating reports.

– Linda Basham, CEO, 911 Billing Services and Consultant, Inc.

To me, the biggest benefit of being a member of HBMA is knowing that if a potential client, a provider, or an administrator asks me a question that I don't know the answer to, I can be confident in telling them that we are members of HBMA and that I will be able to get back to them after posting the question on our message board.

– Bill Vivian, Office Manager, Health Care Practice Management

The value of an HBMA membership is enormous for a solo biller. The listserv itself is worth the price of admission. I have learned all sorts of things, including various ways to structure a contract, how to (sometimes) get through to CMS, and how to handle difficult client situations.

I wish I could attend every conference and webinar, but the ones I do are packed full of information that is available nowhere else. How could a company my size possibly keep up with ICD-10, 5010, HIPAA, etc? HBMA helps me do that without drowning in information.

I have met other billing companies who share my specialties, and we consult with each other offline. I refer at least two prospects a week to the Biller Search feature of the HBMA website. I know that I'm pointing them in the direction of an ethical, qualified billing company.

– Jean Thoensen, President, PsychBiller, LLC

I have benefited as an HBMA member in that I have a constant, reliable source of advice and information at my fingertips through our terrific network of members and HBMA committees. I have met and continue to meet other billing service owners who have provided much-needed guidance. It is refreshing to know that you have somewhere to turn to when you have a need and that others are very willing to help.

– Theresa Wilson, CEO, Practice Synergy, LLC

I have been a member of HBMA for approximately 18 years now. I have been in business for almost 21 years. I credit that success to my membership, educational opportunities, and the many friends who I have had the pleasure of knowing and working with from HBMA. In addition, I have served on several committees and have had the honor of serving on the board of directors, where I am now in my second term. The greatest successes have come from those opportunities to help guide and give back to the organization that has given so much more to me and my business.

For any member who has not had the pleasure of working on a committee, I challenge you to get involved! The return on your investment (time) is rewarded in more ways than you will ever know.

– Cindy Groux, President, Health Care Practice Management

Members can submit questions/topics to the message board, broad based or specific. Generally within minutes, reliable responses are received from members like Bob Burleigh and Dave Jakielo. This is in addition to all the sincere responses submitted thus far. It doesn't get much better than that!

– Alisa Rivera, Director of Operations, Medical Management Corporation of America

To touch on some of the high points, HBMA has yielded:

  • Practical advice for managing revenue cycle management activity
  • Awareness and access to subject matter experts to meet specific needs
  • Easy access to tools and resources our company needs (i.e., vendors, products, and services)
  • The opportunity to build meaningful relationships that yield tremendous value, both relationally and as support at various stages of leadership/management
  • Participation in work activity and leadership in areas of my core competency decision makin

We live in a day and age where general information is very accessible electronically (listservs, key websites, Google, et. al.). However, the foundation of everything that still brings me value from HBMA began at the in-person events, such as the spring and fall conferences, Owners and Managers, Compliance, Executive Development Summit, Capitol Hill day, etc.
The most benefit to me personally has clearly been at the point of "engagement." The more involved I've been, the more I've been able to give and receive.

Don Rodden, Principal, HealthPro Medical Billing, Inc.

Being a member of HBMA is like having a carte blanche insurance policy. The benefits include education, networking, exposure, bonds, and friendships. I know of no other reputable organization out there offering topics specific to billing services like HBMA. If I take on a new specialty, branch out into another state, want to consider a new product or service, or just need to update policies, there are multiple people I can turn to for guidance, including the HBMA home office and staff. My list of "benefits" can go on and on.

– Debbie Campbell, President and CEO, Medical Business Office, Inc.

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