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HBMA Launches NEW BUSINESS Program!


Practices, private and hospital owned, are increasingly looking for alternative solutions to their billing management. 

HBMA members are the solution!

HBMA has created a new member benefit designed to augment your marketing program.


  • Over 65% of the providers do their billing in-house.
  • Over half of the medical billing companies do not belong to HBMA.
  • Most providers are NOT achieving the maximum reimbursement owed them.
  • Most providers are struggling with maintaining quality billing staff.
  • Many providers resist the technology investments needed to support quality claims management.
  • A major barrier preventing providers from making a decision to outsource their billing management is knowing how to find professional billing companies with the knowledge and tools to maximize appropriate reimbursement for their practice.
  • HBMA is a recognized and trusted Association within the medical and medical management communities. 

HBMA has built a “Request for Information” (RFI) program that will:

  • Allow providers to complete an RFI questionnaire of their practice profile and specific services they are seeking in a relationship with an HBMA member.    
  • Provide HBMA members desiring to participate in the RFI program the opportunity to sign up for the program and build a company profile of services offered and type(s) of practices the member is seeking to serve. 
  • Match the profile and needs of the provider with the profile and services of HBMA members. 
  • Present the provider with all HBMA members that meet the criteria established in the RFI. 
  • Allow the provider an opportunity to review and select the HBMA members they wish to receive the RFI.     

HBMA will send the provider’s contact information to HBMA members selected by the practice and the member will then pursue this qualified lead.  HBMA will not participate in the marketing/sales process between the practice and the members.  Should the provider or HBMA member have any questions that HBMA can assist with regarding the registry process, we will certainly do so but will not take any role in the selection process. 

This program will be launched to the provider/provider management community in June.   May is reserved as the time for HBMA members to register for the RFI Program! Don’t miss out on opportunities to connect with potential clients – Register Today! 

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