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In our support of the world-wide ‘Green Initiative’, the Education Committee has discussed ways for HBMA to be more environmentally responsible during the HBMA National Conferences. One of those ways is to follow the lead of the 2009 Compliance Course as well as the 2009 Summer O&M conference and GO GREEN with all of the speaker materials.

Since Education is the key to any successful program that includes change:
1. The National Office will send information and reminders to the entire membership that we are now offering additional ways to save our environment at the National Conferences.

Materials will be ready for download no earlier than 2 weeks prior to the start of the conference and no later than 1 week prior to the start date of September 23rd.

All attendees will receive an abbreviated version of the program book we have used in the past. This book will include the hotel info, schedule of events, speaker bios, sponsors and exhibitor information. The potential reduction of paper used per book will exceed 100 pages per attendee.

2. In the online registration for fall 2009, attendees will be requested to select one of the following options when they register for the fall conference:

a. YES – I’m ready to help HBMA GO GREEN! I will download and/or print the slides I want from the HBMA website.

b. I’m ready to GO GREEN but could use some assistance with the transition. Please provide a flash drive with all of the speaker materials on it for me at the conference.

c. I would like a printed book with all slides at the conference as we have done in the past.

It is the intention of the Education Committee to go totally green for the spring 2010 conference, i.e.: we will not be printing out the speaker slides for any attendees.