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HBMA Billing Journal for November/December is online


The latest issue of HBMA Billing is online at  Check out this bimonthly publication for helpful information and articles for medical billers and others related to the medical billing profession.  This issue features articles such as:

  • Pros and Cons of Hiring Family Members
  • Cloud Computing - A Contrarian View of the Inevitable
  • Conducting Business in the Cloud - Best Practices to Ensure that Your Data is Safe
  • Don't Let an IT Project Crash Your Client's Practice - Useful Tips for Negotiating Your Next Technology Vendor Agreement
  • ICD-10 - Six Months Later, and We Still Have Questions
  • Patient Payment at Point of Care - It's Possible!
  • Section 408 Trusts - The Tax Shelter Every Business Owner Should Use
  • The Lowdown on Locum Tenens - Know When and How to Bill for a Substitute Physician
  • Strategic Implications of Stage 2 of Meaningful Use
  • How to Market Your Medical Billing Services, Part 3
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