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HBMA Billing for May/June is now online!


HBMA Billing - May/June 2013The May/June 2013 issue of HBMA Billing is now online.  Click here to read and be up to date on recent news in the medical billing industry.  Some of the topics in this issues include:

  • How the New HIPAA Regulations Affect Billing Companies and Their Subcontractors as Business Associates - Develop an Action Plan for Your Company and Subcontractors. By Robert A. Polisky, Esq.

  • Billing Medicare for Non-Physician Providers - Become Fluent in the Federal Rules. By Richard R. Wier, Jr., Esq.

  • 5 Best Practices for Using Payment Plans to Ensure Patient Payments - What You Need to Know. By Bill Marvin

  • Meaningful Use Requirements are Less Than Meaningful - A Look at the State of EHRs in Today's Practices. By Marc Oestreich

  • ICD-10: What is End-to-End Testing? Coding Corner

  • Good to Great Strategic Planning - Your Workforce is Your Best Resource. By Kevin Herring and Killen Herring
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