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Medical Billing Certification renewal time for CHBME!


It's almost a New Year and that means time for the annual medical billing certification fees to be processed.  If you are a member of our Certified Healthcare Billing and Management Executive (CHBME) program, please take a moment today to log into your 'My Account' on the website and visit the 'My CHBME' page.

Please review your credits for this year!  We want to make sure our records reflect the right amount of credits you have earned for the medical billing certification for each category in this program.

This page has been designed to help you easily identify the credits you have 'in the bank' and those that still need to be earned.  You will also find opportunities that HBMA has planned for you to get quality education as well as earn the necessary credits to maintain your medical billing certification in the CHBME program.  The medical billing certification program certifies its participants as professionals who care about their industry and their performance within it.

The Certified Healthcare Billing & Management Executive (CHBME) is designed for owners, senior management and compliance professionals of HBMA Member Companies. By participating and documenting your commitment to continuing professional education, the program demonstrates your dedication to a high standard of service. It also demonstrates to the healthcare community that billers as a group are serious about providing the best, highest level of billing and medical management services possible.

Find out more about our medical billing certification program at If at any time you have questions regarding the medical billing certification program (CHBME) process, contact Cindy Rounds at the HBMA national office at 877-640-HBMA or

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