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July/August 2017

12 Steps to Better Billing Compliance

HBMA Billing May/June 2017The July-August 2017 issue of Billing looks into one of the most prominent issues RCM companies face—compliance. This issue digs into HIPAA, fraud conspiracy and everything you need to know about telemedicine The cover story offers 12 steps you can take to better your RCM company, and how to use a compliance plan in your favor. Other feature articles look at how telemedicine and technological advancements may change the healthcare industry, what you can do to evolve with the ever-changing HIPAA concepts, and a general overview of how compliance has changed over the years. Be sure to check out the two-page photo spread covering the recent Compliance Symposium, and get a sneak-peek of the upcoming Healthcare Revenue Cycle Conference.  (HBMA member? Access the digital edition.)

From the latest issue of Billing.
Avoiding the Wide Net of Fraud Conspiracy Investigation
By Jennifer Kirschenbaum, Esq. and Michael Foster, Esq.
The word is out. There is money to be made in healthcare fraud—and not just in schemes by providers to steal payor funds, but by the government under federal and state statutes busting fraudulent conduct. How an action starts is really quite simple...
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Compliance Has Changed
By Holly Louie, RN, CHBME
In March 2017, the Office of Inspector General (OIG) of Health and Human Services collaborated with the Health Care Compliance Association (HCCA) to provide what is arguably the most important compliance document for our industry since 1998...
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HIPAA... How Is Your Program Evolving?
By Carrie Aiken, CHC
Concepts associated with HIPAA privacy and security have continued to evolve from the initial inception of the rules and HITECH, Affordable Care Act, and Omnibus updates over the last several years. This means that if your HIPAA program is stale, unchecked, or unchanged, you are at risk for enforcement or data compromise.
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