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10/26/00 -Inpatient Hospital Deductible and Hospital and Extended Care Services Coinsurance Amounts


Date: 10/26/2000
News: The Health Care Financing Administration published notice in the October 19 edition of the Federal Register of the inpatient hospital deductible and the hospital and extended care services coinsurance amounts for services furnished in calendar year 2001 under Medicare Part A. The effective date of the notice is January 1, 2001.

Inpatient Hospital Deductible

HCFA has set the hospital inpatient deductible at $792 for services
provided in 2001. That amount was determined by multiplying the 2000 amount ($776) by the percentage of increase of the payment-weighted average for hospital services (2.21 percent), rounded to the nearest $4.

Inpatient Hospital and Extended Care Services
Coinsurance Amounts

The percentage increase in coinsurance amounts rises at the same rate as the deductible. The daily coinsurance for the 61st through 90th day of hospitalization in a benefit period will be $198; the daily coinsurance for lifetime reserve days will be $396; and daily coinsurance for the 21st through 100th day of extended care services in a skilled nursing facility (SNF) in a benefit period will be $99.

via the Internet to obtain a copy of the Federal Register notice. Scroll down to Health Care Financing Administration and select “Inpatient hospital deductible and hospital and extended care services co-insurance amounts (2001 CY).” Please contact us with questions or comments.

Source: Bill Finerfrock, Debra Hardy Havens and Matt Williams