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Register for the OPTUM Electronic Payment System (EPS)


Attention Billing Service Administrators:

Gain access to Optum Electronic Payment Systems (EPS), to easily support the claims and reconciliation activities of your health care clients, by completing the Billing Service Enrollment Form.

Once you’re registered, you’ll be able to:

  • Easily track claims and payment data for your healthcare clients.
  • Use EPS to request direct access to your healthcare clients as well as assign and manage user access.
  • Manage all users under a single account.

Then take advantage of the above capabilities by provisioning your team to secure access roles. 

To add new users to EPS:

  • Select the ‘Manage User’ tab on the EPS website. 
  • Next select the ‘Add User’ button and add the requested contact information for your user.  If your Billing Service supports multiple Provider Organizations you will be able to assign your new user to one or more of the Provider TINs that you service.  If you’d like this user to receive email notifications when remittances have been processed for the assigned TINs be sure to select the box ‘email notifications.’
  • After you complete the new user request, the person you set up will receive an email with registration instructions after registration is complete.              

The secure access roles consist of:

Billing Service Administrator Access

  • Maintain billing service enrollment
  • Manage billing service users
  • Manage their own profile
  • Manage provider/billing service associations
  • View/search provider payment information
  • View Payer PRAs and order provider payment data files

Billing Service General Access

  • Manage their own profile
  • View/search client provider payment information
  • View Payer PRAs and order client provider payment data files

Through these secure access roles, a billing service information tab provides the Billing Service Administrator the ability to:

  • View their active client provider associations
  • Request client provider data access (for single or multiple Provider TINs)
  • View pending requests for client provider data access
  • View historical client provider/billing service associations

These roles will not allow billing service users access to client provider banking information or other client provider enrollment data.