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HBMA Revises CHBME Certification Program Requirements


Effective immediately, the requirements have changed for earning and retaining the CHBME Credential!

The program has been modified based on input from HBMA members, numerous outreach efforts, focus groups and surveys.

Here is an overview of some of the changes:

Requirements for Initial Certification:

  • Candidates no longer have to select a track
  • Candidates must complete 60 credit hours within three years of acceptance (with at least 60% of credit hours coming from HBMA sources)
  • HBMA sponsored programs include:
    • Spring or Fall Annual Meeting
    • Compliance Conference
    • O&M Conference
    • Contributing articles to HBMA publications
    • CHBME quizzes in the Billing journal
    • Volunteer services to HBMA
    • Teaching HBMA courses
  • Non-HBMA sponsored programs include:
    • Programs provided by local Medicare carriers
    • Programs provided by approved associations, including MGMA, HFMA, AAPC and AHIMA

Requirements for Recertification:

  • Certificants must complete 60 credit hours within three years of earning their CHBME
  • Of those hours, 60% must come from HBMA sources (down from 80%)
  • Certificants can now earn 40% of their required 60 hours via non-HBMA sponsored programs
  • The requirement for attendance at an in-person HBMA event is reduced to two per three-year cycle and ALL HBMA-sponsored programs are included. To view a complete, side-by-side comparison of the old and new CHBME program, visit the HBMA website.

    The HBMA Headquarters team is reviewing all CHBME certificant records to verify their status under the new requirements and make the necessary updates to the database. Further information will be provided to ALL current and former CHBME certificants regarding their status by February 28th.

    Additional details regarding ALL program changes will be forthcoming in HBMA member publications and on the HBMA website.

    The HBMA Board and staff team wish to thank everyone who provided us with feedback on the CHBME program. You have helped us strengthen this valuable member benefit and ensure we meet the needs of all HBMA members.

    If you have any questions or additional feedback on the new CHBME program, please contact


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