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Approved Educational Credits for the HBMA CHBME Designation

80% of earned credits toward the designation of CHBME must come from HBMA educational programs. CHBME credits must be earned from the following categories: HBMA National Conferences / Compliance and Business Competency Modules / Other Educational Programs. For complete information on what is included in each category, refer to the HBMA CHBME Certification Program brochure on the HBMA website.

It is the responsibility of the member to provide proof of attendance in order to receive CHBME credit. Credit is awarded by way of educational hours of course instruction. Single or mulĀ­tiple day seminars exclude non-instructional hours such as breaks or association business


HBMA Sponsored Programs include:

  • HBMA National Conferences
  • HBMA Specialty Meetings
  • HBMA Distance Learning or Education on Demand
HBMA members who write articles for HBMA publications will receive 2 hours of credit for each article written. All of these credits will be earned in the 'Other Educational Programs' category per one CHBME renewal period

HBMA Approved Educational Programs include those provided by the following for credit in CHBME Category 3:

  • MGMA  - Medical Group Managers Association
  • HFMA - Healthcare Financial Management Association
  • RBMA - Radiology Business Management Association
  • AAPC - American Academy of Professional Coders
  • ACA - American Collectors Association
  • AAHAM - American Association of Healthcare Admin. Management
  • AICPA - American Institute of Certified Public Accountants
  • NAHA -National Association of Healthcare Attorneys
  • AHIMA - American Health Information Management Association
  • HCCA - Health Care Compliance Association
  • ACHE - American College of Healthcare Executives
Educational Programs provided by CMS, local Medicare Carriers, State Departments of Public Aid as well as related educational programs provided by Regional or National Medical Specialty Associations (i.e., ACR, ACEP, AMA...) may also be submitted for approval. These listings are representative and any other organization that is pertinent to HBMA can also be reviewed and approved as necessary.


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