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We Miss You!

October 2021


Dear RCM Industry Member,

Exciting things are happening at HBMA. I would like to personally invite you and your company to rejoin HBMA and to return to our community of RCM companies and central billing offices.

We are offering a special promotion for companies that rejoin HBMA for 2022 at this time:

  • Membership for the remainder of 2021 is included at no cost (approx. 15 months for the price of 12)!
  • Membership application fee is waived!
  • Recordings of the presentations from the HBMA 2021 Healthcare Revenue Cycle Conference will be included for free (a $499 value)! 

Please be sure to use the promo code, Welcome2022, when you check out to activate your promotion.

HBMA has a strong voice with CMS and on Capitol Hill 

  • Every healthcare revenue cycle management professional knows that government actions, either through regulatory actions taken by the executive branch agencies or by legislation on Capitol Hill have major impacts on their company's operations and bottom line. HBMA's team of government relations professionals allow you to be the first to receive all HBMA Legislative & Regulatory alerts, your monthly Washington Report, and any up-to-the minute information straight from The Hill that impacts our industry, allowing you to make key decisions in real time.

HBMA provides premier education and training 

  • HBMA sponsors informative webinars each month. In August we had the much anticipated Payer Panel Discussion with Aetna, UHC and Humana talking about the latest billing and payer challenges and solutions. 
  • HBMA also sponsors the Healthcare Revenue Cycle Conference each year. I recently attended the HBMA 2021 Healthcare Revenue Cycle Conference and was inspired by the stories I heard from other billers and billing companies about how they adapted and grew during this pandemic. Despite the challenges over the past two years, our members continued growing and providing excellent services. HBMA is committed to guiding and supporting members through that process of adaptation and continues to be a trusted resource. 

I have been a member of HBMA since 2003 and could not have built my company without the support of HBMA. As I continued to grow, it became clear that HBMA was about much more than just billing. The networking and interaction with other members through the message boards and in person at the various meetings has been the most valuable. I found that HBMA provided the education and training I needed to maintain my industry knowledge in the medical billing industry. I have found no other organization that provides this type of comprehensive RCM industry education.

HBMA is home for the healthcare RCM industry 

  • HBMA members genuinely want to share information they have learned about similar problems in the RCM industry and are happy to collaborate with fellow members. I have been a member of other associations that had a much different feeling. Members were evasive and not as open when you asked them questions about their business. This is not the case with HBMA. HBMA members genuinely want to share information they have learned about similar problems in the RCM industry and are happy to collaborate with fellow members. I will be calling several members over the next few weeks I met at the HBMA 2021 conference to learn more about how they resolved some of the same issues I am facing now.

HBMA will have more exciting things happening in 2022!

  • RCM Workshops. A new way to connect during the year with vendors and other members. This is like a webinar on steroids with vendor sponsors and dynamic speakers. While we love meeting in person, these new RCM workshops will provide a platform to connect and learn early in the year. These workshops will be hosted as hybrid events, allowing members to attend either in person or virtually, however they prefer. 
  • HBMA LIVE. We introduced the HBMA LIVE webcast in 2021, which allows our members and vendors to connect with the broader RCM industry and share knowledge. We have found that these programs are actually a great way to market HBMA as well as our member and vendor businesses. It also allows guests to be seen as an expert in the industry.
  • Washington Report. We will continue to provide the latest updates on happenings within the government to keep members informed and so we can advocate for our members.
  • Weekly Newswire. Each week we send out important information to our members to keep them up to date on industry news. We provide vendor promotions, articles, surveys and much more to keep our members in the know.
  • RCM Industry Surveys. HBMA conducts a range of RCM industry surveys to collect and publish data to enable members to benchmark their performance again industry-wide KPIs. Members who contribute data to HBMA surveys receive reports for free, and we are developing new surveys based on member needs.
  • Annual Conference. What more can I say? We love our annual conferences! It is amazing all the things you learn from an in person conference. You gain new relationships, meet new vendors that can provide you with better solutions, learn how other people handle situations that you are faced with and so much more.

I hope to confirm you as a new member of the RCM community within HBMA soon and look forward to meeting you at an upcoming event.


Emily Osetek
HBMA President
COO, Pettigrew Medical

HBMA Member Testimonials

"When I attended my first HBMA meeting, I was almost in tears as I finally found answers to all of my questions about billing and running an actual billing service.

We discussed benchmarks, what my business P&L should look like, employees and a multitude of things that I really wanted to know and I couldn’t get the answers until HBMA! They truly saved me and my business.

Through the continued membership with HBMA, I am constantly learning. We discuss new trends, products, efficiencies and always updating benchmarking. It has kept our business on the cutting edge in many ways and I attribute much of our continued success to the membership, comradery and knowledge of the members and speakers. 

I honestly don’t know how a medical billing service can exist without being a part of HBMA."

Janet Selover, Professional Billing & Management Services, Inc., Member 17 years


"The greatest benefit by far is the ability to network and collaborate with peers in the industry. This has allowed me to gain not only business knowledge directly related to billing day-to-day operations but also professional growth on many levels achieved from sharing time with colleagues.
The experience of facing common challenges, solving similar problems, gaining and giving advice on new solutions is what the true spirit of HBMA embodies to me. Thank you HBMA."

Mick Polo, CHBME, NCDS Medical Billing, Member 18 years


"HBMA gives us confidence, piece of mind, and saves us time. Their resources are reliable and timely, encompassing all areas of RCM, from regulatory guidance to payer reimbursement policies, providing top quality information that is ready to be shared with our clients. We have relied on the HBMA as a source of business, government, compliance, workflow, and technology issues, relating to all aspects of RCM since we began operations."

Kirk Reinitz, ADVOCATE, Member 18 years


"The HBMA has been an invaluable partner with our company for over a quarter of a century. We have seen so much change in the industry in that time but HBMA has been there with us through it all, bringing us the latest information and working tirelessly on our behalf. It’s not an understatement to say the entire medical business management world owes a great deal to the HBMA and it’s member volunteers and staff. We feel that anyone seriously wishing to succeed in this profession will only do so if they join and participate in the HBMA. It’s an investment that continues to reap dividends for us as it has for 26 years."

Cindy Pittmon, Acclaim Radiology Management, Member 24 years