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HBMA Member Testimonials

"When I attended my first HBMA meeting, I was almost in tears as I finally found answers to all of my questions about billing and running an actual billing service.

We discussed benchmarks, what my business P&L should look like, employees and a multitude of things that I really wanted to know and I couldn’t get the answers until HBMA! They truly saved me and my business.

Through the continued membership with HBMA, I am constantly learning. We discuss new trends, products, efficiencies and always updating benchmarking. It has kept our business on the cutting edge in many ways and I attribute much of our continued success to the membership, comradery and knowledge of the members and speakers. 

I honestly don’t know how a medical billing service can exist without being a part of HBMA."

Janet Selover, Professional Billing & Management Services, Inc., Member 17 years


"The greatest benefit by far is the ability to network and collaborate with peers in the industry. This has allowed me to gain not only business knowledge directly related to billing day-to-day operations but also professional growth on many levels achieved from sharing time with colleagues.
The experience of facing common challenges, solving similar problems, gaining and giving advice on new solutions is what the true spirit of HBMA embodies to me. Thank you HBMA."

Mick Polo, CHBME, NCDS Medical Billing, Member 18 years


"HBMA gives us confidence, piece of mind, and saves us time. Their resources are reliable and timely, encompassing all areas of RCM, from regulatory guidance to payer reimbursement policies, providing top quality information that is ready to be shared with our clients. We have relied on the HBMA as a source of business, government, compliance, workflow, and technology issues, relating to all aspects of RCM since we began operations."

Kirk Reinitz, ADVOCATE, Member 18 years


"The HBMA has been an invaluable partner with our company for over a quarter of a century. We have seen so much change in the industry in that time but HBMA has been there with us through it all, bringing us the latest information and working tirelessly on our behalf. It’s not an understatement to say the entire medical business management world owes a great deal to the HBMA and it’s member volunteers and staff. We feel that anyone seriously wishing to succeed in this profession will only do so if they join and participate in the HBMA. It’s an investment that continues to reap dividends for us as it has for 26 years."

Cindy Pittmon, Acclaim Radiology Management, Member 24 years