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Kareo for Billing Companies

Designed for Billers. Trusted by Practices.

Kareo is an intuitive and powerful platform that makes it easier for billing companies to manage clients and grow their business. Kareo partners with over 1,600 billing company partners to provide the leading cloud-based clinical and business management platform, helping users optimize operations while enabling the success of the independent practices they serve.

Learn more about Kareo’s billing company solution:

Watch how Harvest Med Billing, California Medical Billing, and Nexus Solutions were able to optimize their businesses with Kareo:

Optimize Your Daily Workflows with Automation
Kareo and PatientlySpeaking have partnered to create a seamless data conduit between billing companies and their practices. With Kareo’s intuitive billing platform and PatientlySpeaking’s robotic process automation (RPA) bots, you can standardize your billing processes—regardless of the systems your practices use. With mundane daily tasks streamlined, you’re free to focus on managing your business and being a valued resource to clients. 

Clients have seen 90% of their transactions be processed automatically and a 200% improvement in claims processing speed when they adopt Kareo and PatientlySpeaking. 

Learn how this exclusive partnership solution frees your staff to focus on more impactful initiatives:

Software That Doesn’t Compete
In 2019, Kareo made the decision to exit the Revenue Cycle Management industry so we could focus on providing best-in-class software to our billing company customers. You can rest assured that Kareo is truly your partner and acting only in your best interest.

Learn more about our partner program for billing company partners:

Better Management, Faster Payments 
Kareo is built with the biller’s daily workflow in mind, streamlining your tasks so you can focus on managing your business and being a valued resource to your clients. Whether you’re a contract biller, starting a new billing company, or an established organization—Kareo helps you run a more profitable business by helping you: 

  • Stay focused throughout the day with a robust to-do list that highlights all of your tasks 
  • Avoid data entry errors and save time with flexible charge capture input options 
  • Resolve billing issues quickly, reduce claim denials, and get your clients paid faster 
  • Keep clients in the know and happy with easy access to tools and key, customizable reports 
  • Get real-time updates and gain better insight into your team’s billing performance 
  • Simplify your workflow with integrated platform options that help you adapt to any scenario

Provide Your Clients with Award-Winning Solutions
Kareo is proud to be ranked “Best in KLAS” for the segment of small practice ambulatory EMR/PM for practices with 10 or fewer physicians in the new 2021 Best in KLAS: Software and Service Report by KLAS Research.

The 2021 Best in KLAS designation recognizes technology providers’ outstanding efforts to help healthcare organizations deliver quality patient care and improve practice operations. KLAS Research evaluated Kareo and provided an overall performance score as well as an assessment on six key customer experience pillars: Culture, Loyalty, Operations, Product, Relationship and Value. Learn more about Kareo’s KLAS Award and the many awards and accolades that Kareo’s received.

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