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eBridge Clients Utilize Web‐Based Document Management Technology to Work Remotely

The year 2020 has presented challenges that very few, if any, have ever had to contend with. At times it feels like the world we live in has been turned upside down. Businesses have been forced to rethink their work structures and many have sent all or part of their workforce home to work remotely just to stay alive. The need for the ability to share and access documents from wherever employees are located has never been more crucial.

eBridge has been providing users web‐based anytime, anywhere access to their vital business documents for over 18 years. This gave our clients a hedge against the uncertainty that many other companies faced when physical workplaces were forced to shut down earlier this year due to Covid‐19. They were already equipped to deploy at‐home workers during the lockdown because their files were stored securely in the eBridge cloud all along. 

As organizations began setting up their remote operations, our staff was kept busy helping users with setting up their scanners and configuring eBridge on their home PC’s. It was a hectic few months but it felt good to know that our clients would not need to cease operations because of lack of access to their files. 

The shutdown caused some to completely re‐think their work spaces. Rather than leasing or purchasing more office space, many will keep at least a partial remote workforce in place even after the shutdown ends. Leveraging web‐based document management software like eBridge, and meeting technology such as Zoom, can be the keys to success. There’s much less of a need for employees to gather in one place
when affordable high tech tools like these are within reach.

eBridge is a fully web‐based document management solution and our clients’ data is stored for the life of their account. OCR technology allows users to search the text on their files and retrieve patient records from within large batches, eliminating the need to manually flip through all pages of the batch to find the one record they need. We undergo a rigorous audit every year and are certified HIPAA and SOC2 compliant by
a 3rd party auditing firm, giving our clients peace of mind that their PHI is securely stored.
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