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2020 Billing Fees Survey

The HBMA 2020 Billing Fees Survey is now open for data submission. HBMA members that participate in the survey will receive the survey report for free (see additional details on pricing below). This important RCM industry benchmark survey collects billing data on 94 distinct billing fee categories. Participation is open to HBMA members and non-members.

This survey will close on Friday, June 26, 2020.

Two Ways to Participate

  1. Via a Registered Profile (see features below)
    To request a registered profile, write to with the subject line "Request for Registered Profile."
  2. Without a Registered Profile
    To begin the survey without the use of a registered profile, you may access the survey via this link.

Additional Information

All companies that participate in the survey will receive a discount on the survey report. HBMA members that participate in the survey will receive the report for free. Non-member companies that participate in the survey will receive the survey report at the HBMA Member Regular Price of $249 (Non-Member Regular Price is $499).

HBMA 2020 RCM Industry Billing Fees Survey Report Pricing


Regular Price
(Non-Participating Companies)

Price for Participating Companies

HBMA Member Price



Non-Member Price



The 2020 Billing Fees Survey includes several enhancements over previous HBMA Billing Fees Surveys:

  • Billing fee specialties are based on those practice specialties recognized by CMS.
    • A limited number of modifications were made to include important subspecialties not appearing on the CMS list.
  • Data is collected for each state where a company operates. 
    • Data can be entered for a group of states where billing fees are similar, which creates a more efficient process for data entry than entering each state individually.
  • Data is collected on additional services offered (e.g., coding, provider credentialing, and payroll management), including the basis for any charges for those services.
  • Frequency of changes to billing fees is collected.
  • Data is collected both on the number of individual facilities served and the number of TINs served to differentiate between instances where a single practice may operate out of multiple locations. 
  • Companies have two options for participation: via a registered profile (see list of features below) and without a registered profile.

Features of a Registered Profile

  • Ability to save your responses before completion of the survey and resume data entry later.
  • Reports will be customized based upon your responses and will be enhanced over time.
  • Data from each survey taken while logged into your profile will be linked together, meaning that your company profile will grow over time.
  • There is no need to save a Response Code to retrieve your responses later.
  • Data will be anonymized and not identified with any particular company.