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July/August 2018

Building Better Billers

RCM AdvisorThis issue of RCM Advisor is focused on pre-conference topics. The cover story delves into KPI to improve your competitive edge and is based on a session at HBMA 2018: Healthcare Revenue Cycle Conference on Thursday, Sept. 13. Other feature articles discuss the topics of administrative simplification enforcement, communication risks, implementing financial engagement for patients, and more. Lastly, see updates from recurring columns Coding Corner, Software Talk, and From the Road. (HBMA member? Access the digital edition.)

From the latest issue of RCM Advisor.

Building Better Billers
By Ray Jorgensen, CPC
The Key Performance Indicators (KPI) you can choose to track are abundant, but which ones are essential to your firm versus your client? And how do you hold your team accountable to KPI that optimizes client performance and satisfaction. Here are few KPI we have found to be essential.
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Administrative Simplification Enforcement
Contributed by the AMA
Health plans and other industry participants must adhere to HIPAA standards, and those who fail must face reprimand.
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Communication Risks
By Robert Liles
The risks associated with poor or improper communications in healthcare compliance cannot be understated as they permeate virtually every aspect of a healthcare provider’s organization and operations. For example, whether a regulatory violation or a simple mistake is viewed as an overpayment or a crime may well turn on the communications behind the action. Similarly, whether a patient brings a professional liability claim or an employee brings an EEO action will often be predicated on how something is communicated.
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