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November/December 2017

Automated Calling Benefits

RCM AdvisorThis issue of RCM Advisor is focused on patient engagement. The cover story discusses the benefits of automated calling through the lens of Healthcare Administrative Partners’ experience implementing the feature. Other feature articles look at transforming the front desk experience; why billing services are impacted by Equifax, Home Depot, and Target; the evolution of the patient-billing dialogue, and more. Also in this issue, check out snapshots from the 2017 Healthcare Revenue Cycle Conference. Lastly, see updates from recurring columns Coding Corner, Software Talk, and From the Road. (HBMA member? Access the digital edition.)

From the latest issue of RCM Advisor.

Automated Calling: Benefits for Your Practice, Your Clients, and Their Patients
By Susan Bailie
Healthcare Administrative Partners implemented automated calling features in its patient support center, which has delivered growing benefits to both patients and practices. This article walks you through why it was necessary and how it tripled monthly payments...
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Transforming the Front Desk Experience
By Matthew Crew
In this article, the author details the case of working collaboratively with a client and InstaMed to develop a new front-end process, which included moving the pre-visit functions performed by the front desk staff to the billing staff...
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Why Billing Services Are Impacted by Equifax, Home Depot, and Target
By Noah Dermer
After data breaches like Equifax, consumers have acquired a greater awareness of security risks and are more selective about who they trust to handle their personal information — including healthcare organizations....
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