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Q2 2019

The Compliance and Data Security Issue

RCM AdvisorThis issue of RCM Advisor is focused on compliance and data security. The cover story discusses the threat to security returned mail poses. Other feature articles cover offshore vendors, ransomware, and more. You'll also see updates from recurring columns Coding Corner, Software Talk, and From the Road. (HBMA member? Access the digital edition.)

From the latest issue of RCM Advisor.

How Data Analytics Can Revolutionize RCM
By Nitin Somalwar
Even among the already large amount of information in the industry, data is the way out of the problem.
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We Must Be More Than Just Aware of Our Offshore Vendors
By Chad Schiffman
The world we live in is being shaped by tech giants like Apple, Amazon, and Uber who are giving us access to more and more at our fingertips. Yet the healthcare industry has somehow managed to resist the digital revolution and continue to rely on inefficient paper processes.
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The Ever-Shifting Sands Beneath the Billing Enterprise
By Reed D. Gelzer, MD, MPH
The records a billing company receives as outputs from electronic health records (EHR) systems are commonly accepted on trust. However, now that nearly everyone is using EHRs, we’re finding that they aren’t “records” at all.
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