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Q2 2020

The Automation Issue

RCM AdvisorThe Q2 issue of RCM Advisor is focused on automation. The cover story, "Automation Is the Key to Billing Smarter, Not Harder," delves into the benefits of automating routine medical billing tasks. The more you automate and use best practices for medical billing, the better chance you have of helping your clients to get paid quickly and correctly. Not only does minimizing delays and denials in the claims process positively impact your clients, but it also makes a difference for providers, patients, and general public health. You'll also see updates from recurring columns Compliance Issues, Software Talk, From the Road, and a new addition, Ethics Considerations. (HBMA member? Access the digital edition.)

From the latest issue of RCM Advisor.

Automation Is Key to Billing Smarter, Not Harder
By Cher Knebel
The more you automate and use best practices for medical billing, the better chance you have of helping your clients to get paid quickly and correctly.
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The Small Automation Collective
By Dennis Allen
Dozens of tiny software robots work in harmony with staff and one another.
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MBI Conversion: Keep Your 2020 Medicare Claims Clean
By Tyler Williams
Physicians, providers, billers, and suppliers are now required to use MBIs on Medicare claims and eligibility transactions, regardless of when healthcare services were rendered.
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Spotlight on 3 HBMA Ethics Committee Members
HBMA’s new Ethics Committee is officially up and running. Below, three members of the committee discuss the biggest ethics concerns in revenue cycle management and what they are excited about for the future of the committee.
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