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Q1 2020

The Denial Management Issue

RCM AdvisorThe Q1 issue of RCM Advisor is focused on denial management. The cover story, "Redefining the Claims Process," talks about how billing services must do everything possible to get to the payment faster, and they can start with streamlining the claim submissions and ultimately the entire payments process, by fully adopting electronic transactions, verifying eligibility, and integrating all transactions in one place. You'll also see updates from recurring columns Coding Corner, Software Talk, From the Road, and even a humor column. (HBMA member? Access the digital edition.)

From the latest issue of RCM Advisor.

Redefining the Claims Process
By Chris Seib
For payments from payers, billing services must rely on a process of claim submissions, which takes time and resources to complete. However, that claim doesn’t always end in a payment from the payer.
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The Power of Data and Analytic Tools Within Denial Management
By Nancy Trace
It’s time to enhance our denials management workflows and leverage data analysis to decrease our denial rate, reduce our claim rework dollars, and improve our insurance payment velocity.
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Maximizing Revenue for You and Your Clients Through MIPS Compliance Optimization
By Sarah Reiter
It’s critical to understand the ever-changing compliance landscape and know how to guide and advise your clients to select the right MIPS partner.​​​​​​​
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