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Value of Certification


CHBME certification validates that your knowledge and skills align with industry standards which have been determined by a third party entity. The designation shows that you are reliable, accountable, and trusted revenue cycle management professional. 

What does CHBME mean for you?  

•    Showcases your exceptional quality standards and service 
•    Increases your credibility to providers
•    Emphasizes your commitment to education and remaining in touch with changes in the industry
•    You possess the potential to increase your earning power and open new career opportunities
•    Elevates and differentiates your skillset in biller search tools 

What does a CHBME say about your company? 

•    Your company demonstrates dedication to the profession 
•    Your company possesses an expansive knowledge of the field and can reduce the risk of non-compliance
•    Your company supports strong leadership and you are a more skilled and competent staff member 
•    Your company exemplifies organizational excellence and is committed to strong revenue cycle management services