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HBMA Code of Ethics

Preamble to the Code of Ethics

Health care is a calling long identified with ethics and professionalism. Providing support services to health care professionals calls for the same level of care and competency to achieve success and regard in the field. Ethical behavior in the handling of billing, accounts management and other services for health care providers enhances the understanding that health care billing and management are professional services, and not merely business operations.

HBMA has promulgated this Code of Ethics for its members to help guide billing professionals in their growth and development in the industry. Adherence to these elements in conduct with clients, peers and patients will raise the bar for billing and management services, both now and into the future. While simple in structure, this Code has great depth of meaning and implication. It expresses the true definition of a "billing professional" and HBMA member.

HBMA Code of Ethics

HBMA Members Pledge to:

Exercise sensitive professional and moral judgment in all business activities.

Act in a way that will honor the public interest and demonstrate a commitment to professionalism and competence.

Perform all business activities with the highest sense of integrity.

Maintain objectivity and avoid any conflict of interest.

Strive to improve the quality and competence of services performed through continuing education.

Exercise care and diligence in providing services.

Maintain confidentiality of patient and client information.

Strive to comply with all relevant Federal, State, and Local laws and regulations.

Refrain from making misleading or false statements about professional qualifications, experience, performance or results that can be achieved.