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May/June 2017

Filing Appeals Electronically: Showing Potential, But a Long Way from Paperless

HBMA Billing May/June 2017The May/June 2017 MACRA-themed issue of Billing provides readers with tips and tricks to handle filing appeals, improve patient collections, and ways to dispose of data safely and securely. The cover story takes a look at how companies are slowly starting to adopt electronic appeal submissions, and what that may look like in the future for the industry. Additional feature articles discuss how to avoid HIPAA violations when spring cleaning your billing department, what are the best steps to collect out-of-network money, and what it means to adhere to best practices in patient collections.  (HBMA member? Access the digital edition.)

From the latest issue of Billing.
Safe Data Disposal
By Noah Dermer
This time of year always marks the start of spring cleaning in my household. I love spring cleaning for many reasons. Not only does it give me the chance to make new space in the garage, get the backyard ready for summer barbecues, and rediscover all the books and knickknacks that had been hiding beneath my couch cushions all year—it also gives a security guru like myself the opportunity to talk to healthcare organizations’ billing services about the importance of proper cleaning and disposing of data....
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Lines of Defense in Reimbursement
By Jennifer Kirschenbaum and Michael Foster
Most of our service agreements stipulate we will receive a percentage fee based on monies actually collected on behalf of our clients, whether that money is from copayments, deductibles, cash payments, or insurance reimbursements. We make plans based on our anticipated right to payment. We hire employees. We sign corporate leases. We purchase equipment. We buy insurance. We pay for our kids’ education and book vacations. We also feel comfortable and confident in our company’s ability to continue operating. When we sign that new client we sat down with who showed us a huge gross collections number, we start making our plans. Do I need that second or third new hire for this account? We consider the number of claims and anticipated amounts to be received from our efforts.
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Improve Patient Collections and Stay Compliant with Payor Requirements
By Michelle Cavanaugh
Collecting from patients has become increasingly vital to the financial health of most practices, as the patient portion of medical bills continues to rise. With sky-rocketing copays and deductibles, the patient due amount now accounts for approximately 30 percent of the income for practices. Because of this, the efficiency of a medical practice’s billing operations has a critical impact on its financial performance. Billing companies must understand not only the best practices in collecting from patients, but also how to remain compliant with specific payor requirements. Additionally, providing education on these best practices with the clients themselves can help everyone involved meet their income goals. .
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